What is Rich Baby?

Rich Baby is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, created by TRIVIA LABS. Each baby directly inherits traits from one CryptoPunks parent and one BAYC.

Mint rule

Our mint has three phases:

  • Phase I: This phase is for CryptoPunks and BAYC holders only. Holders are required to mint in pairs. Both sides will get a baby separately, which inherits the traits from the punk and the ape. The baby is born with a golden pacifier. The mint is free for both. Note that each Punk and Ape can be used only once.
  • Phase II: Pre-public mint. This phase will be opened to our allowlist and it is free too. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to join the list.
  • Phase III: WL mint and Public mint. You can participate in this phase as long as there is still stocks left.

More mint plans will be released later.


  • Innovative minting process: Phase I requires holders of CryptoPunks and BAYC to mint in pairs.
  • Full refund gauranteed in contract within 7 days after public mint.


How to mint?

If you are a holder of a CryptoPunk, you can enjoy our Phase I minting, which will require you to find a BAYC holder to mint in pairs, vice versa. Both of you will get a baby separately, which will inherit the traits from both the Punk and the Ape. After Phase I minting, there are two regular mint phases (Including pre-public and public sale) open to all.

Wen mint?

Sales end now
join our Discord to learn more.

How much per mint?

It's free until Phase III.
Phase III WL cost 0.06Ξ each, public mint will be 0.12Ξ.

What's the refund policy?

Yes, you heard that right! As an NFT project, we do have a full refund policy, which is implemented in contract, anyone gets a full refund within 7 days after the public mint. Gas fee excluded.

How many is reserverd?

We will reserve 250 Rich babies for building the community.

Why do you build this project?

We’ve seen enough derivative PFP projects. Most of them are implemented poorly and are also cash grabbers. As a new Web3 team in the space, we want to build new projects in a fun and fresh way with a growing community. We thought Rich Baby can be a cool start!